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Happy Birthday  / Olga Scholz (Friend of your mom )
Happy Birthday Ashley

I know you don't know me but I know your mom (she is my friend). I hope and pray that you have a wonderful birthday and that one day you will get to know your mom. She loves you and your sister very much.

Have a great day and God bless you both.

Birthday Wish  / Olga Scholz (Friend to your true mom )

Happy Birthday Ashley. Hope your day is filled with lots of joy and laughter.

Happy Birthday  / Michele Hein (cousin)
This is a very special birthday wish for Minna Cloutier. Though we have never met, your mom, my cousin has always expressed an unbelievable, unmeasurable love for her children. Minna, I wish you a very special & happy birthday. I wish for you to one day be reunited with or at least know the love and heartache your family has experienced in your abscence. 
All of My Love,
Happy Birthday from the family Of Deanna Cremin 1978-1995  / Katherine Cremin (myspace friend )
God Bless Your Family  / Tammy Hebert (none)
 May God Bless Your Family!  I hope life gets much better & peaceful.  Ya'll deserve it :)

Much Love,
Tammy Hebert
One Day  / Catherine
I am so sorry for the loss and struggle and sheer pain that you and your family suffer. 

wishing little Mina a very Happy Birthday...

and hoping for the day when Ashley and Mina are old enough to come find thier Mommy
Happy Birthday Mina!  / Tracy (Friend and supporter of your Mom )
Happy Birthday Mina!  I pray that you see this on your birthday, but either way, know that your Mommy loves you and that she will never forget you.  We never forget those that we love.................
I pray for you everyday  / Nancy (Friend)
 I pray for you everyday ... God will hold you all in the palm of his hands... May God bring you together again !!! You are very Beautiful people and You deserve the Best in life !!!
God Bless this family!  / Hope Cundiff (Friend)
For A Wonderful Family Who Has Been Through So Very Much  / Patsy Zimmerman (Friend to be I hope someday )
There is a saying that G-D never gives us more than we can handle. If that is true Susana you have got to be one heck of a strong woman. I know this is difficult to believe right now but things do happen for a reason. G-D may be using you as his "go between" because you are so strong. Look at how much you have been through and still your spirit is so strong. I'm not saying you havent broken down and cried and asked why is this happening to you. You are human. You are a mother. But you are also special. You have been given a mission to carry out and you are doing that with grace, dignity and love. Because of your pain, others will not have to suffer the same fate. No other mother will have to lose seven years without hugging her children. Children will not have to wonder for seven years why their mothers didnt love them enough to keep them. Finally people will have to start keeping their word.
I think you should post this as a public blog along with your beautiful poem so people can see your story. I'm sure you will get more signatures than you'll know what to do with.  And the idiots like the one you had post on the bulletin...ignore it.
To Whom it may concern,  / Rose Dunsing
I Rose Dunsing am writting this letter to inform anyone who reads this letter that I've gotten to know Susanna Regan Cloutier through this site for her daughters, and my granddaughter's site. She has never mentioned,threatened or ever said anything to the fact of trying to steal her beloved daughters. She is trying to keep what she can for them so that someday they'll be able to see just how much there mother loves them. She is a very careing lady. It is very important that the girls brothers are allowed to visit with there sisters, that's what being a family is all about. I don't think that anyone or any court should be allowed to forbid them to visit. Put yourself in this families shoes and see how it would feel to you if all the promises were broken and you couldn't have any contact with your sisters or real mother. My heart goes out to this family and if there was anything I could do to stop all this dirty doings for this family I would. I think the judge should really think what the Dempley's are really trying to do to this family. My prayers are with the real family of these beautiful girls. Someday all the truth will come out and the girls will know all the truth. I hope the judge takes a real good look at this case and puts a stop to all of this nonesense. Let the girls have contact with there mother and brothers.

Rose Dunsing
4810 S.E. 4th Ave
New Plymouth,Idaho 83655
On Behalf of Susana Regan Cloutier  / Mettamarie Woodruff (on behalf of Susana )

I bear witness to the fact that Susana Regan Cloutier and her husband have never made threats of any kind or made statements of any kind or even implications that they would kidnap their daughters from their adoptive parents, neither on the myspace pages or on this rememberance site.

As a visitor to all of these sites, all I see and have seen on these pages is a tribute to two little girls from their real mother that can not be with them, that loves them, misses them, and hopes that one day they will know the truth.  What I also see on these pages is a statement of the facts, that DCFS took the children from their parents, they tried to do everything in their power within the guidelines to get their children back, and the Lutheran Family Services placed their children in a pre-adoptive home and the birth parents were unable to get the children back.  I see speaking out against the practices of the agancy, and statement of facts.  These statements have not been altered.  The only mention of the adoptive parents on the site was that they made a verbal agreement that the girls brothers would be allowed to remain in contact with their sisters, and that this verbal agreement was broken.  Nothing slanderous or false was stated ever about the adoptive family.

There were never any threats or implications of any kidnapping plots or any other malicious acts.  Susana Regan is a good mother, a great person who spends her life trying to help others and raise domestic violence awareness.  There is no reason for her statements to have been maliciously taken out of context.  Anyone passing through can clearly see that there is no threats of any sort on these websites and never was.

As I live in Pennsylvania, I would not physically be able to appear in a court of law to attest to my statements, but I can attest to the fact that there were no statements or threats made prior to the date of the filing for the protection order, nor after, and there was no altering or coverup.  I stand by my statement, and owuld be willing to speak to anyone via phone if necessary.  What you see on this website now, is the same as what was here before, with the exception of a few more pictures and a personal statement from Mrs. Cloutier referring to the website being made private since it was taken out of context.  Mrs. Cloutier can provide my contact information if that is needed.

Mettamarie Woodruff

Letter for the Will Court  / Kathleen Hunter (friend)
Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regards to the case of Susana Regan Cloutier. I have not have EVER seen anything to the effect of Susana saying ANYTHING about kidnapping the girls-Ashley and Mina Cloutier-Dempsey.All I see, and understand from this site is -A mother trying to keep memories alive and good things for her daughters to see when they are able. A kind of "open communication" for the girls' brothers  and parents to write things to their sisters/daughters. I do not see in harm in this site.No matter where siblings are they are always spiritually bonded for life. They hold a dear bond. So therefore I do not see any harm in this.Thank you Sirs for hearing this. Sincerely, Kathleen Hunter, PO Box 460053 , Garland,Texas  75046-0053 
Precious Baby-Girls  / Rose Grma To Angel Brittany Syfert (friend of ur mommie )
Precious Ashley and Mina,
        I just wanted to tell you girls that you have a wonderful mommie Susanna, she loves and misses you girls so much. She's just waiting until the day you get to come home with her. Don't ever forget what a special lady you have for a mommie. Sending you girls lots of hugs and love. You'll always be in my heart and prayers. God Bless you all.
         Love Rose
i know how it feels  / Debbie Hope (friend of your mommy )
I know how your morther feels i went through the same thing in illionios. I lost my daughter when she was a month old i fought and fought and then about a year later the person that they gave her to got tired of fighhting and I got her back and now thats why i moved out of sate... Your parens tried they did what was best for you girls and i hope that you thank them one day.
Rosemary ~ For Rememberence  / Pamela Salerno (friend)

I luv you are so much indeed so much a part of me~ I feel in the pit of my soul and deep in my heart~this is true~hug the lil ones for me dearest friend.....someday~ this will happen, the girls WILL indeed be allowed to make their own choices~ I do believe in such a Bound of Mother and Child~ And I believe so do you, this is such a tragedy.....I feel your hurt and pain~ everyday now....I must tell you how much I admire your strength, Susanna~ honey, it won't be long whatever it is you feel in your heart to do.....I believe I would be doing the same exact thing as you...
this is such a beautiful page....

Balm brings you sympathy and Majoram joy
Sage is long life...Sweet woodruff augers well for health
A blessings richer for than wealth
Lavender means deep devotion,
Herb of sweet omen, Rosemary conveys 
Affection and remembrance all of your days
May Heaven and earth and Man combibe 
To keep these blessings ever thine.

~Rachel Page Elliott

Birthday / Natasha Brothers
Happy Birthday. You have grown up so fast, cant hold you in my arms anymore. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
Just hello  / Susana M. (Mom`)
Just saying hello. Thinking of you.
I am very sorry... Life just is enough what we expct is it?  / Susana Regan (Su Mama )
Dearest Girls,

As I reflect on our lives and our journeys, I realize sometimes, no matter how we try to understand, we just can't.
I was always so full of anger and regret and I lost myself along the way.

Family, is not always those who are your blood. As a matter of fact, I have realized my mother was always right. Family will hurt you faster than anyone. And you find that you can only trust yourself in life. No matter what happens, trust your gut. I swear every time, I have not listened to that of my mothers many pieces of advice, I have regretted it.

I find I don't want to post everything online but, I will give you a short version of things. I was young when I had both of you. My childhood for the most part sucked. I didn't have the best relationship with either of my parents. I learned that no matter what we do in life, you can not change where you come from.

So, you may think I am a horrible mom. And I will accept that. But, I did what I had to do at the time. And I was young and didn't know much.

I do know I am grateful for the many things you have missed about being in our lives.
You have missed years of lies and drama. I am grateful for that. You have missed the many times someone has tried to take away your brother or brothers.

I am glad you have not endured that. I am sad that you don't know how much we love you. That is your daddy and brothers and myself.

But, I can't spend my whole life full of regret for that. Life my sweet girls is so short. And I mean, I have grown a lot over the years. As has your dad.
You may not believe it , but, he loves you so much. And I have finally gotten to the core of why he grew up as he did.

You see,
I am in fact his first real love. I was the first to show him what love was and what it mean to have someone be there for the good and the bad and everything in between. I have never just ditched him.
I have learned there is so much more to your dad's family beneath the eye. And if you knew you would understand it's not that he didn't love you when you were babies. He didn't know how to love.

If a child doesn't feel love growing up, how can they be expected to show love to their children or others.

Here's a fine example. Just last week, his whole family showed up to a court hearing that they had no business going to. It was to be between myself and your half biological aunt daddy's sister.

Well, they all showed up to this court date with an attorney and I mean you would have felt like a witch in the middle of a witch hunt.

They were all ganged up like it was the end of the world. I swear I must be intimidating and not know it.

At any rate, at the same time your dad was lying in a hospital for a week. His mom shunned him and his dad was pissed because your dad could not stop me from placing my emergency order. Apparently, your other grandfather thought what he says go so, Ishould have to listen to him as well.

Sorry, my girls, I don't bow to no one. And for sure not a man who I barely know after 23 years and who sure as heck is not my dad.

And you know I came to see that things haven't changed. These same people will call DCFS in a heartbeat for as long as I have kids. And probably if I had grandkids.
They have no sense of family loyalty. And they only care about what suits them.

And I can't tell you how upsetting it was to finally see that after 23 years. So, your dad was a victim in all this over the years. He simply did not know how to love because he wasn't loved.

He did not know how to be close because he was always hurt by those closest to him. And any violence in our lives in the past well, it stems from things he was taught growing up.

And so, I get it now. I feel awful it took so long but, I get it.
And please know that I have gone to hell and back for your brothers no matter what. And I think that shocked the hell out of your other grandma who spent the whole day at court bad mouthing me and calling me vengeful.

Well, she wasn't saying that when I went to court for you girls but, hey, I take her daughter to court and bam! I am all kinds of vengeful and mean and a liar and a bad mother. Lord knows she wasn't saying that in her emails to me or phone calls when I had your brothers calling to wish her a Happy Valentine's day because I felt bad she was all alone. And she said she didn't talk to her daughter regularly anymore not since Christmas.

Yeah right! She knew about things while we were all blindsided.
And so, I can't feel bad anymore.
I have spent 23 years feeling like I needed to prove myself to these people. And you know what? I don't need to do that.

And if you ever fall in love don't make yourself prove yourself to anyone. Love yourself and you will go far in life. And never let your kids see you pick favorites. It isn't right.

And that has hurt your dad a lot over the years. He is the only one who has been shunned and whose kids have been placed in the system or repeatedly outcasted. And that is wrong. His sister is only his half sister from his mother.

And her kids aren't even blood to your biological grandfather. Yet, in the scheme of things, they have always been treated better than you and your brothers.

I hope there will be a day I can thank your adoptive parents for caring for both of you. They protected you from some stuff man. I didn't get it but, I do now. And I can't turn back time, I can only pray one day you will understand and that you will both grow up to do great things in the world.

Just know that your dad although very ill and could die loves you. And I am going to work on him making a video for you both.

I want him to leave behind something for you so, if you ever wonder and want to know he will say from his heart to you.

Girls, we love you very much. And our families have sucked. But, there are so many amazing people in our extended families. And they are who I cling to.

Grandma Mina taught me so much in my life and yes I still care for her every day. And I have my plate full. But, I will never stop loving you both and I do sincerely apologize for any pain you have felt over the years.

Love Mama
Last letter to you  / Susana Regan (birthmom)
I love you.
Don't settle your life over a man. That is the best advice I can give you.
They are as honest as you can get. They have no hair like my mom and Deti dottie.
So, yeah, that is the short of what I can say.
I yield and I will not bother you. I will no longer leave greetings or messages. I just wanted to tell you to have a good life and stop bothering me with courts. It is so old. I never did anything to you. I was young and naïve. That was my mistake in life.
I thought I could save the world but, I can't.

Susan M. Regan
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