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Thinking of you...  / Jamie Park (Visitor)
Wow...I saw your daughters' website when you left a message on my daughter Hannah's website...

I looked around your website, and realized we have alot in common. I didnt lose my children the same way however...Last Dececmber...a yaer ago on this month. My daughter was taken from me...ripped from inside of me..I have no reason and never will..She was still born at 38 1/2 weeks gestational age. Only 2 more weeks and I would have seen her eyes...her smile...heard her cry..but nothing. She too has a website 

Then my step son who turned 7 this past September was taken from my husband and I. My husband is in the Army Reserves and spent a year in Operation Iraqi Freedom...5 days after he left to go overseas his Ex took his son and moved from where we are Florida. They have a decree set up with certain visitation and child supprt, but she violated it. The problem is that because he was overseas fighting for his country by the time he came back the states say that he waited too long. Well he couldnt do anything over there...and i guess he only had 6 months to file has been 3 years this Christmas since my husband has seen his son...his only son...We hired an attorney but they said it will cost us about 10,000 which we just dont have. If she ever comes back up here, she will go to jail for violating her ordered visitation...but we dont know if and when she's here. Plus my husband is still paying child support...he doesnt want to stop and sign off his rights...he wants to see his son....

It's shitty the way the system works...all of it...I will be thinking of you and your family this Holiday Season...And know that my angel Mallory in heaven will help keep watch over your little girls for you...

Also I saw on your page that you have a picture of all the did you do that? I wanted to do something like that...since I dont have a pic of all them together...

Thank you and feel free to write me anytime to vent or talk whatever...
my little friends  / Brandy Heideman (friend of mommys )
my little friends, i have known ur mommy for a very long time and she is a wonderful woman and one day you will come to learn that yourself. never lose faith.... when the time comes you will meet your cousins neices nephews and all your mom friends who love you even though we have never met. i love you and may god be on your side for one day we will meet. love always brandy emma and sydney xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
hello / Janice Lavalley (firend)
hi, i never ment you both but i heard great things anout the both of you. i do know your mother and father are blessed to have  such beautiful angels. your true family loves you both to death.
I love you my little girls always  / Susana Regan (Mommy)
Mommy willl always love you. And I pray that one day you will know the truth and that we never stopped thinking of you. 

Always in my heart. 
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